This breed was created artificially by genetic studies is to convey the characteristics of the Siamese with a long-haired variety.
The research began in the 1920s when the Swedish Tjebbes Dr., White Persians with Siamese did match but without satisfactory results.
Similar attempts were then made in the USA.
The kittens were all first generation short hair, but in their genotype, bore all the character "long hair."
By coupling these together was born a female long-haired Black called Debutante, which coupled with his father in 1935 gave birth to a cat Pointed long hair.
In England the same year, Mrs. Barton-Wright founded the Experimental Breeders Club, to continue the work at Harvard.
In this case it was intended primarily to produce points of the Siamese body type and a longhair. Debutante, although long-haired, retained the appearance of slender Siamese ancestors.
The project came about by chance in 1947 when Stirling was given to Mr. Webb, who was already trying to play these cats, a female long-haired Siamese with the points but the rest resemble a Persian. Finally, 8 years later, Colourpoint was recognized by the GCCF.
American breeders were well organized, not so much selective breeding to submit specimens for exhibition, and for improving body shape.
The development of the race went almost unnoticed until 1957 when two individuals were presented for exhibition in San Diego, which aroused great interest and, almost simultaneously, the ACFA recognized the breed first, followed next year by the CFA.
The other associations recognized her in 1961.
In the U.S. race is called because the Himalayan coat color is similar to that of the Himalayan rabbit.
On both sides of the 'Atlantic these cats are classified in different ways: in the UK Colourpoint is considered as a variety of Persian, while the U.S. is recognized as a breed by itself.
For over twenty years in the United States were allowed to cross with the Persians to improve the type of 'Himalayan.
The colors are generally accepted as the Siamese.

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